Self-confidence used to be this funny thing – it comes and goes as fancies dictate. I remember feeling lost in my own skin; there were so many things about myself that simply don’t agree with what other people thought or expected from the inside out! My work successes weren’t enough for a sense of worthiness (and who can blame them?), while anxiety plagued every day into sleep realm where all thoughts seemed reasonable – until one morning when I realized and felt we are all human and there is no such thing as a perfect person.

Whether it’s with our careers, relationships or lives in general – nothing will ever feel completely confident for us because of the evolving nature that life has to offer us which means we should never stop striving towards improving ourselves.

Believe it or not, there are 3 ways to boost your confidence that you can use today. They may feel unnatural at first but they will lead over time into more positive thoughts and feelings about yourself!

1. “I am enough”

Listen to the dark voices in your head when you’re at a low point. They might say things like: “I will never succeed; I’m not good enough.” Or maybe they speak up about how much this life struggles and pains us all.

Then start looking for the opposite of that.

We all have these thoughts from time to time. The difference between us is how well do you handle them?
The way I see it, when something feels wrong or doesn’t make sense for myself then there’s no room in my life for anything else but fear! When this new positive thought pops up on its own without any encouragement like “I am enough” It’ll be easy as pie because deep down inside we know that nothing can shake our confidence unless somebody shows us exactly why they think differently than what reality tells them.”

Listen up. You’re about to unlock the power of affirmations and you’ll never be able to do so by just reading this sentence, but by putting post-its throughout your office or at home with phrases like “I am enough” written on them in big letters! As soon as you see one of these signs appearing everywhere around you you will start, bit by bit, believing them. It’s a slow way of reprogramming your brain.

2. ‘I am remarkable because…’

This is based on a workshop from Google. Basically, you create a list of things you are remarkable at. And you start telling your friends, manager, or colleagues which might feel deeply uncomfortable – and healing at the same time.

My favorite line from the course is:

‘Its not bragging if its based on facts’

Examples can be:

I am remarkable because I founded another startup after my first startup failed

I am remarkable because I stood up for my own value on equality even when it felt dangerous to do so

I am remarkable because I become more of myself everyday

I am remarkable because I start to show my feelings more and more

3. Build a confidence box

Keep a self-confidence box with feedback about yourself from clients, your manager or friends and family. Whenever you receive something amazing in the future (a testimonial), add it on here for safekeeping so that when times are tough all these words of encouragement can be pulled out as needed! When feeling down at night after an embarrassing social faux pas – pick up this notebook instead and let everything else go. After all, it’s based on the facts you have received.

Before bed, take two minutes to think about your day and what makes it worthwhile. What are you proud of ? How did they make some parts better for yourself or other people involved in the situation at hand? Remembering these things can help rewire connections within our brains so that we’re more likely to have great days ahead. Gratitude will give us confidence throughout time; positive affirmations are key tools in changing mindsets. One step at a time

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