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Leadership Coach

Confident leaders are made, not born

Be visible, lead teams successfully, and navigate difficult conversations with ease through work with a leadership coach.

Leadership Coach2024-05-01T09:30:08+02:00

Own your leadership role and become the leader people respect

You are

  • Running from meeting to meeting (it feels like no one listens to you anyways)
  • Not having the impact you want because you are busy but not productive

  • Pretty (or downright) overwhelmed

  • Missing the time to work on strategic projects or relationship building

  • Not sure how to communicate clearly in moments of conflict

But you want to

  • Achieve visibility and make your voice heard in every meeting while establishing yourself as a respected leader.

  • Bring people along and inspire them to act

  • Manage change effectively through clear stakeholder communication

  • Feel confident to conquer any challenge by working through your limiting beliefs and traumas

  • Save time. Stop running from meeting to meeting and move from Doer to Enabler

And most of all: You want to get ahead and want to do it quickly. I’ve got something to finally solve these questions and make leading teams easy:

Your Leadership Coach in Amsterdam or Online

Leadership coach: the world gets to see THE badass leader you are.

Leading teams starts with you. There are many relevant questions to answer to become an effective leader.

Some of these questions are: Who are you? What are your leadership values? And what do you want to be known for inside and outside your company? Finding answers to these questions will allow you to boost your personal brand and create visibility for your next career steps.

Through working with a coach, you will create more self-awareness around your habits and patterns. You will also know better how to leverage your gifts to your team and the world. One more thing we might address is past trauma that is holding you back from stepping up.

I do this work in Amsterdam or worldwide via video calls.

Once you know what you stand for, it’s time to introduce this new you into the world. Over time, you will finetune your leadership profile and people will start to notice your natural presence. Through increased connection and confidence you will command the room with authentic authority.

You will feel confident to use your voice to be seen and heard – and get promoted. You will be your full self and comfortable speaking your truth.

Eventually, you will have to reach your goals yourself, but you don’t have to do it alone. Reaching business goals, implementing new processes or ways of working, or hitting those targets that seemed so daunting: Building on your confidence and proven processes from coaching – you will not just reach your goals, but smash them into the stratosphere.

One of the key areas will be to focus on improving the right relationships, navigating difficult conversations and building a superstar team. Key is to know how to focus, setting clear boundaries and delegate successfully.

a leader explaining something to a colleague
See what other leaders are saying about working with a leadership coach:

“Miguel has helped me to find the confidence, the right tools and the courage to improve in my managerial position in my startup. With his friendly, challenging and insightful coach appraoch, he helped me to navigate through hard moments in my life and my career, and to handle anxiety and stress related to my job. I would warmly recommend Miguel!”

Nikolas Gaio, PhD
CTO and Founder at BI/OND

One of my previous employers was generous enough to offer me coaching sessions with Miguel. And that was the best career advice I ever get in my life. Every session was just an eye-opening experience on how to overcome difficulties and grow. After these sessions I feel that I became a better version of myself. I highly recommend Miguel for his professionalism, personal attitude and experience..

Executive coaching amsterdam
Engineering Manager

“Through the coaching with Miguel I got to know myself better and find simple ways to move out of my comfort zone. It enabled me to show up more with my team and stakeholders and to work on my personal and professional development. I feel ready and confident to go out in the world and achieve much more. Working with Miguel was enormous fun and I can recommend him 100% as coach.”

Ivo Hristov
Ivo Hristov
Team manager at Gucci

How does working with a leadership Coach look like?

We will follow an approach many leaders apply on their path to high performance, online or in Amsterdam.

a graphic showing the coaching method of teaching that leading a business includes leading yourself, your team and leading for change

We will focus on key areas for your leadership development:

  • Learn the methods behind high-performing tech teams

  • Know how to manage up/down/across

  • Develop your unique leadership style

  • Feel comfortable leading a team
  • Know how to hire the right talent through clarity in strategy and values
  • Communicate effectively across functions with executive presence

  • Know how to resolve conflict with challenging personalities

Leadership Coach FAQ’s

What can a Leadership coach help me with?2023-08-25T12:08:17+02:00

Here are some topics that I work on with my clients:

  • My team is not aligned.
  • I need to change this culture, but everyone resists
  • We can’t seem to get things done quickly and effectively around here
  • I need to work on implementing a new strategy, but I don’t have time
  • I need to have a difficult conversation with a colleague, and I’m not sure I have the right approach.
  • I am overwhelmed and I don’t want to burn out.
  • I can’t trust anyone else to get this done, but I don’t have time to keep doing this myself
  • I am great at technology, but all of this “people stuff” is incredibly challenging
  • I just moved into a new exciting role and I want to be sure that I succeed right from the start.
  • There is so much to do that I can’t focus on what really matters
What is Leadership coaching?2023-08-25T12:09:41+02:00

Leadership coaching is essentially personal development on steroids. While growing personally as a leader there is also the context of a team and clear business goals to reach. And as if that was not enough, I focus on dedicated leadership frameworks & skills with my clients.
The leadership position is often in a field of colliding interests between your manager, stakeholders, the requirements of your team, and your own goals.

All of this makes leadership coaching relevant in the context of startups and corporates alike – although the challenges are very different.

Why should you hire a leadership coach?2023-08-25T12:11:03+02:00

There are similar questions around hiring a coach like “Why do I need a leadership coach?” or “Should I hire a leadership coach?”. In essence, they all have the same answer: It depends.
If you already know you want very specific answers then you do not need a leadership coach. In this case, it might be better to work with a Consultant or a Mentor.
However, if you feel that you want to grow as a person as well as a leader, then absolutely yes!

What is a professional leadership coach?2023-05-30T15:26:55+02:00

A professional leadership coach is somebody that guides you in finding answers to your specific leadership challenges. Usually, you will find your own answers, with some direction and frameworks or best practices from your coach.
A professional coach has professional experience, a solid education, and a specific and extensive coach training. They probably also have a solid understanding of basic concepts in psychology and trauma healing.

What does successful leadership coaching look like?2023-05-30T15:27:29+02:00

That fully depends on you of course. But to make it a bit easier, I often see these outcomes that my clients find valuable:

  • Reaching personal goals and having a clear path forward
  • Understanding themselves and their patterns better
  • Feeling confident to speak their mind
  • Knowing how to communicate better and provide feedback that lands
a leader is presenting in front of a group
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