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Be bold: No more hiding. Let confidence coaching transform your life.

Confidence Coaching: partner with me in Amsterdam or online to get unstuck.

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My confidence coaching program 'Be Bold' is tailor made for you

I have been struggling with speaking in front of large groups. Be it small presentations in first grade or with big debates at University. Today, I love standing in front of an interested audience of any size and I am really good at it. I just needed to deal with my anxiety and confidence first to let my talent shine.

Through my ‘Signature Confidence Coaching’ program you will:

  • Know who you are & what you want, and then ask for it
  • Get rid of that voice in your head saying 'You are not good enough'​

  • Improve deep relationships with your partner, friends, family and colleagues at work​ through authentic confidence
  • Change your life in the way YOU want it and go after your dreams without compromising

  • Simply feel confident and proud of the beautiful human being you are

best confidence coaching coach in amsterdam miguel baumann
Understand yourself
Knowing who you are at the core, what your essence is will guide us to a true and authentic yu. Knowing and feeling this will reveal calm and clear confidence for you.
Be proud of yourself
Rewrite your story and own all of who you are. Build the confidence to be all of you without hiding anymore!
Show up
Feeling confident will change how you impact the world. You will make bold changes to your life so it reflects your new confidence.

​Are you ready to transform your life?

Get rid of that negative voice in your head and finally feel confident in any situation!

​I live in Amsterdam but work worldwide via Zoom in Dutch, English, and German.

see what others are saying about my work:

“Miguel has helped me to find the confidence, the right tools and the courage to improve in my managerial position in my startup. With his friendly, challenging and insightful coaching sessions, he helped me to navigate through hard moments in my life and my career, and to handle anxiety and stress related to my job. I would warmly recommend Miguel!”

Nikolas Gaio, PhD
CTO and Founder at BI/OND

Miguel was coaching me when I was looking for my next role, he helped me to work on my confidence, self-esteem, showed me how to align my job search and future role with my personal values. Miguel advised me a framework on how to navigate through job offers and decide which would be best for me and my future career path. Miguel is a great coach, he is very easy to talk to and I enjoyed each of our sessions very much..

cofounder startup coach
Elena Salova
Sr. Data Scientist

“Through the coaching with Miguel I got to know myself better and find simple ways to move out of my comfort zone. It enabled me to show up more with my team and stakeholders and to work on my personal and professional development. I feel ready and confident to go out in the world and achieve much more. Working with Miguel was enormous fun and I can recommend him 100% as coach.”

Ivo Hristov
Ivo Hristov
Team manager at Gucci

My 'Confidence Coach' program includes:

  • 1h free first coaching call - sign up here

  • Assessment questionnaire

  • Confidence coaching sessions (60 min), live in Amsterdam or via (video) call

  • Exercises, tools and homework after every coaching session to deepen the learning through experience and practice
  • Unlimited check-ins throughout the programme
best confidence coaching team of miguel baumann helps amsterdam executives
Amplify your leadership

Start leading teams with ease. Uplevel your impact as a leader, have more time for strategy
and sleep better by knowing exactly what to do.