The insights from last week’s blog on how to become a game-changer and create strong habits are just 3 of many valuable tips in “High-Performance Habits” by Brendon Burchard.

Besides the topics covered then (focus on leaders’ internal development), we will focus here on these items that focus more on how to interact in the fast-changing world around:

  1. Increase productivity
  2. Build influence
  3. Take courageous decisions

It’s not just about helping you figure out who your true self is, or what life goals really mean. You want to get people the tools you need so you can show up in the world authentically and create the change you want to see.

1. Increase productivity

Summary: Set goals that are personally meaningful. Be fully focused and spend 60% of your workweek on these goals consistently.

The key to success is knowing what really matters and then doing those things with all of your might. Most people know this, but they forget along the way as their priorities shift or someone else takes over for them in compromising on occasion; it can lead you down a harmful path if not careful enough! So find out how emotional goals will make an impactful difference to improve your focus and motivation.

Check-in with yourself:

  • What does success mean for you personally? Is it money, work-life balance, happiness, and progress?
  • In order to get going: If there were only 5 steps necessary to reach your biggest, truly meaningful goal, what would they look like?

2. Build influence

As I was not sure what to do with this until a few months ago, developing influence does not mean manipulating others. It’s the next level of maturity in your leadership and development journey after you have done homework on why and how clearly (and productivity). Once clear about those things; it’s time extend that clarity towards teaching people how they can think through mindset shifts or different frameworks for success- which will lead them down their own path!

Here are 3 questions to get clearer of how you want to develop:

  • How do you want to think about yourself?
  • How do you want to think about the world?
  • How do you want to think about others?

And always be role-modeling what you want to see in others!

3. Take courageous decisions

To be a true leader, you need more than just courage. You must also have the ability and sense of responsibility to take charge when necessary; this often means speaking up or acting without hesitation in uncertain situations – no matter how difficult they may seem at first glance for someone who’s not accustomed to them yet!

Live your life with a sense of purpose. Your why will keep you going when the tough times come, and it begins by asking yourself what does living courageously mean for YOU? Living a more courageous life is about taking small steps toward your dreams. It means defining what it takes for you to live this way and then doing so every day, no matter how big or scary things seem at first glance.

Your courageous journey can start now – it’s all in your hands!


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