Building and guarding a strong company culture

Everything you do is reinforcing or destroying your company’s culture. Even if you did not set one intentionally, it is created implicitly and it is strong and sticky to change it later on. 

One example of company values of “The Data Story” from Jeroen Bakker are: Honesty (also towards clients), Transparency (everyone needs to understand what we do), and Quality (no quick fixes). 


“Culture is not just important, it’s number one. You need to be very careful with it. If your company culture is not grounded and if team members do not feel supported, it will turn against you and everything you have built.” Veronica Fresneau, Rockstart


It surprised me in the interviews, that many founders would sacrifice growth to preserve their company culture: When going too fast, company culture is the first thing that breaks and hampers growth later on. These are the steps to create a company culture:


  1. Establish clear company values (preferably involving employees)
  2. Create and reinforce an open feedback culture
  3. Live your values: They always do as the founder does. Be an example if you want a change of behavior
  4. Caring leadership: Create a sense of irreplaceability for your team. They need to feel seen, heard, and valued. You and your company can be the holding space for this.


Most importantly: Align the company culture with who you are as a Founder. Create a place where everyone can be themselves. As always, it starts with you as the Founder and only then others can do and be themselves too.



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