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Lead teams with ease and have enough time for strategic change

You juggle meetings, stakeholders and investors all day while making sure that your clients are happy. You even fit in some yoga or a visit to the gym into your busy days. Everybody applauds you as it all seems fine on the outside. And that’s exactly it, it only seems fine.

  • This “managing teams thing” feels improvised and you are stretched really thin

  • It’s unclear where your next horizon is or WHY you do this

  • You lack the fire to create something meaningful (again)

  • Your peers don’t recognize your worth, and you are people-pleasing

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Deep down, you know that you’re destined for more.

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Leadership coaching

Lead teams effortlessly and establish yourself as an authority in every meeting.

Confidence coaching

Stop hiding and show the world how badass you are!

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see what other leaders are saying about my work:

“Miguel has helped me to find the confidence, the right tools and the courage to improve in my managerial position in my startup. With his friendly, challenging and insightful coaching sessions, he helped me to navigate through hard moments in my life and my career, and to handle anxiety and stress related to my job. I would warmly recommend Miguel!”

Nikolas Gaio, PhD
CTO and Founder at BI/OND

Eye opening! Things I learned are: how to unravel the knots, feel confident and strong, go back to my basic values and learn tools how to fix things myself. I worked with Miguel with visual solutions and felt relieved as well as eye opening going through the coaching with him.

Jana Slechtova
Jana Slechtova
Co-Founder & Scrum Master

“Through the coaching with Miguel I got to know myself better and find simple ways to move out of my comfort zone. It enabled me to show up more with my team and stakeholders and to work on my personal and professional development. I feel ready and confident to go out in the world and achieve much more. Working with Miguel was enormous fun and I can recommend him 100% as coach.”

Ivo Hristov
Ivo Hristov
Team manager at Gucci
miguel baumann executive coach
Get to your next level through my corporate and startup leadership experience

Take advantage of the process that I used to create startups (some sold successfully) and lead teams at corporates. Together with my extensive training as a certified coach this will massively accelerate your transformation. I base my inclusive coaching on co-active coaching, somatic trauma healing, neuroscience, and over 10 years of team building and leadership experience. I work in Amsterdam and in the rest of the world via Zoom.

I’m a certified coach (PCC, CPCC) with seven years experience working with over 200 clients and companies in Amsterdam and beyond. My focus has been on fostering confidence, developing high-performing leaders, and advancing meaningful careers.

Coaching FAQ’s

What does an executive coach do?2023-08-25T11:59:01+02:00

Executive coaches approach coaching differently by evaluating a client’s capabilities or goals using an assessment.

Additionally, the concept of a Socratic teacher applies often. They engage in inquiries that might span multiple sessions to address and subsequently pave the way to create an actionable and powerful path forward.
What I have seen is a strong desire in my clients to get going and move forward, which is great. But this is also their usual way of approaching their challenges. So I often apply a phase to stop, assess and breathe. And from that space of reflection, we work towards deeper reflection and meaningful insights (before they undoubtedly get back into the action with a stronger sense of direction).

Why should a CEO have a coach?2023-08-25T11:59:26+02:00

If you are running your own company or leading an organization, you are under a lot of pressure. Quick reaction times and big decisions that impact many people are an essential part of this role.
It’s important to have somebody by your side that is impartial and able to ask the hard questions without being afraid of what the consequences are. This will allow you to stay true to your goals without losing sight of your teams and leaders.

What do executives need coaching on?2023-08-25T12:00:44+02:00

Executives don’t need coaching, they want coaching. Coaching is always something that comes on top of great career skills. Coaching with me allows executives to have tough conversations from a place of compassion instead of confrontation. We will analyze situations from multiple angles and open up possibilities instead of only binary options. These are the things that separate the good from the great.

What makes a great leader and executive?2023-08-25T12:03:43+02:00

Modern leaders excel when they embody authenticity in character and communication. They embrace honesty about their own strengths and weaknesses and they don’t try to keep up an illusion of perfection. Instead, these leaders actively listen to feedback and praise the best ideas from others. And the best executives refuse to tolerate egos that hinder progress.

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